Construction Machine Business

❶ CIF LCH price from Japan

List underneath shows price of construction machines from Japan.

Valid date of price is Feb 22th 2021

★Our Scheme to import and deliver construction machines to you★

❷ Inquiries from our customers in Asian countries.

If you want sell your products, we can introduce our customers.

  • All kinds of ROLLERs (priority on Hamm 3410, 3412, 3414)
  • Kobelco SK120-1, SK120-2, SK120-3
  • Komatsu PC120-6, PC200-6, PC200-8, PC300-6
  • Doosan DX140W
  • Sakai SV520D, SV620D, SV510 (Isuzu engine)
  • Sumitomo SH120-3
  • PC210-8
  • EX120-1, EX120-5
  • List ItemZX120-1, ZX200-1
  • EX200-1, EX200-5
  • All kinds of a 5t class Excavator

★Our Scheme to buy and export construction machines from you★


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