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I’ll be interested to try yours. I just wanted to warn anyone else from high altitude that the recipe will have to be tweaked more than normal. Hm, I’ve made this cake twice now. The pastry cream was indeed delicious with the honey, but as you predicted it definitely smooshed out from between the layers somewhat. I tried to make it between last night and this morning and late in the night realized I have blanched chopped almonds not almond slivers (thin like yours), I though we it might work I have no option anyway. This was my favorite cake from a childhood bakery – Fantasia in Laurel Village, San Francisco. Thank you so much for the many try and try again efforts to give me a great recipe! I am very familiar with this cake. After reading through the recipe carefully and all 500+ comments I decided to do a trial run first before baking the real thing for a party. I made this recently for our coffee cake, and it’s far too good for something so easy to make. As to the filling, I did opt for the cornstarch over the flour (but reduced the amount to 1.5 tbl. You need to let it come to a boil and keep it there long enough to thicken a bit. Can’t wait to give it a try! I remember calling it the bee cake. The Fresh Loaf (website) is a fantastic forum of bread bakers and is full of information. 3/4 teaspoon table salt (I also live at high altitude and use baking guidelines for 7,500 ft. elevation. made a bee sting cake for Easter, and I fell in love with it since I’m a honey junkie. This is a much better cake that my old recipe. This is often what’s used in pastry cream. Also put the almond topping on some parchment paper after cooking to let cool. I used cornstarch, rather than flour (same as last time) and followed the directions exactly. She said she remembered the filling being slightly sweeter, which reminds me, I’m going to bump up the sugar one tablespoon. Your recipe looks and sounds just like that wonderful Bienenstich (which had real vanilla pastry cream). According to the equivalents on my Cream Cornstarch box: The almond mixture sunk to the bottom. You specifically state instant and not active dry. To give it extra moisture and a kick consider wetting the cake layers with milk and brandy/wiskey and for the top, try it with a topping made of brown suger, butter, coffee (good instant like tasters choice or somethin’) and pecans. Thank you so much for this recipe. I misread the directions and ended up putting double the honey almond gooey-ness on top of the cake. Thanks for sharing! Also, our cake was not a light yeast cake, but more of a pound cake. I’m so glad I’m not the only crazy person who makes the same recipe six times in one week to get it just perfect. Love this cake btw, never heard of it before. Hi! I LOVE homemade custard and pudding I’ve only heard of this cake, but never knew what it was until seeing this recipe. ATTENTION: Anybody who’s considering making this cake but is frightened by the reports of topping sinking into the cake layer. Not sure why I hadn’t responded sooner. Thanks so much for posting this recipe. Next time, I’d put the caramel on the cake at 5 mins. But, I did not make it until today. try it with a glass of brut bubbly – they’re perfect together. CarrotTopBaker — I do not. I made this today for my mom for Mother’s Day. Totally sunk in the middle and wet on the bottom. It reminds me a little of a Tarte Tropezienne. I’ve made this twice and both times I had problems with the almond topping sinking into the batter before it made it into the oven. Thank you so much. It might be a trifle less fluffy but certainly perfectly edible. The best recipe I have ever found for the home, previous to reading your post of course, was from Richard Sax. Any thoughts? My husband and I love this recipe! BUT this year!!! My almonds sunk and none remained on the top. I just took the cake out of the oven and success! My Mom is German and I spent many summers there while a child. When the cake was removed from the pan, just about every bit of it was on the bottom, save a few stalagmites ascending from that layer. No mess, no sinking, no sticking … it was just perfect. I was able to take my good half and slice it to fill with pastry cream – yay! Made it for Sunday dinner…the yeast laced cake with salty honey almond crunch on top was delicious. Psst: I think this cake would be absolutely delicious as a lightly-sweet coffee/brunch/teatime cake without the pastry cream filling. Yes, really my name is ‘Texas’. If I omit the pastry cream like last time, do you think I could make it in little muffin tins? I would warm it up first to optimal yeast-proofing temp. I tried again today, following a method similar to making Toscakaka and allowed the cake to cook without the almond mix for about 12 minutes before adding it. Of course, I’ll probably have to eat it all myself (Not a bad idea!) 411bee — No, but if you could cheer me on about it, I’d really like to make one! I will update if I do in case anyone else is interested. The kind I find here though is made with bread like dough and a lot firmer and drier in texture than in your recipe. Thanks! Such a waste of money. I love you, I love you, I love you, Deb! Thanks! I think next time I’ll make more of the creme filling, because it was DELICIOUS and I wanted more :). I thought it tasted like butterscotch. Baked as directed. If this doesn’t work than maybe baking the cake a little first and then putting on the topping? It’s wonderful. Deb – Thank you so much! Dang! I will try broiling the next time I make this. He seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. Apperently they purchase the cake they purchase frozen in a 1/2 sheet pan and sell it in individual portions. appropos of nothing, I bought your UK edition of your cookbook at my local bookshop yesterday! I say this because the environment variations like temperature and humidity likely play a role in how the cake rises and how “tuff” it ends up being to handle the honey almond topping when putting it on the cake. I think it will still taste great. it was gorgeous AND delicious. OMG! It’s turned out to be my favorite Smitten Kitchen baked good, and I’ve cooked a LOT of Smitten recipes. I love hosting dinner parties! I always get extra dessert-ambitious right around my mom’s birthday. My mom has been making “beesting” cake for years, but hers was not a year cake. In response to Becca and whether to proceed with the cream when you have a bee sting disappointment. What did I do wrong…? (My son’s room is right next to the living room; any noise wakes him up.) About 30 years ago a friend and I would go to Chicago to visit her mother and stop at a German bakery where I was introduced to Bienenstich. (obviously you’ll note I’m a novice for even asking this question, but it the unanswered question has haunted me for years . Getting the recipe involved my mother reading and translating a very sparse recipe over the phone. The pastry cream thickened too quick too much but with some milk drizzled slowly in helped to ease the consistency. Sinking almond topping — So sad to hear about this. When I saw the picture, my youth came flooding back- I can hardly wait to try your recipe. I tried to put the caramel on the cake batter. We borrowed a card table so we’d have enough seating and it was such an enjoyable experience — nobody hurrying us, no 400% wine markup, the exact food we love, lovingly made — we are totally obsessed with having more now. Hi Deb, with the sugar. I used cornstarch for the filling but it did not set. Brandy — A stand mixer is not a requirement. I’m still placing it on a cookie sheet with aluminum foil to catch any drips. My husband’s family is German and they love this cake, but (like a few other commenters) we call it beehive cake even though I think it looks nothing like a beehive. I’ve followed your blog for a while. My grandmother grew up in German Brooklyn and Manhattan during the 20s and 30s as well! Here’s a very helpful YEAST FAQ from The Fresh Loaf. The ones I’ve seen in bakeries didn’t have domed tops so I never expected one. This looks simply delicious! HELP!! I think it’s in Joy of Cooking. I just placed all the pieces back together and put the pastry filling on top. Isabella — That’s totally the French version! I used the extra pastry cream as a dip for strawberries. My grandpa and my uncle both served missions for our church in Germany, and bienenstich was always one of those memory cakes that immediately evoked their experiences there. Bee sting is actually traditionally used on brioche as a breakfast pastry France. I should have added that you should run a knife along the cake before inverting it, just to be safe. I think that this is the first time that I’ve ever gotten to try something from SK without having to make it myself. I was very careful watching the rise times as another commenter suggested over proofing as the cause of sinking almonds. I’m in Denver, so I don’t know if it’s altitude plus the yeast or what. I am a totally novice baker (but experienced cook) and I made this cake fairly easily and to great result. Thank you for a great recipe! My family usually enjoys it with a pretty high whipped cream to pastry cream ratio, but to each his own! Gail — Thank you. I am a fan of custard so I made double (using cornstarch) and have some left over for snacking. When you posted this, there was much dancing. I love the sound of this cake – with the sweet topping and pastry cream filling, it looks absolutely divine! . This was perfect! So I made this for my fiance’s birthday and it turned out delicious! Which got me posting again. So much so that my mother in law (who lives in Florida) researched and found a German bakery close to where we live (Denver, CO) in order to get one of these for my birthday this past year. It is absolutely one of my top 3 favorite pastries, and it’s German, not Austrian or French. Seriously, I already bought our own folding table, we’re going to buy some extra chairs this weekend, then table linens. She loved it. I cooled, I removed sides, sliced cake in half, and using my XL spatula slid the top half onto a waiting piece of parchment paper. I made this cake today for my bro’s birthday and it was adored by the whole family. I’m new to you but have heard your names referred to as “the cream de la cream” of food blogs since I finally understood what a blog actually was! It over rose a ton. I thank you for the recipe and all your time and energy put into these wonderful recipes. I salvaged it by making whipped cream and folding it in. This cake is absolutely gorgeous. It was still quite warm to the touch when I put it on the batter. This will stink. I can’t tell you how much I love this! Carly — Mine is totally standard, 2-inch, nonstick. 3/4 cup whole milk, ideally at room temperature If I every do a third try, I’ll definitely up the flour content. I can’t wait to try this! I have so much trouble finding instant yeast that I have to order it on Amazon. Daily Goals. I truly love you, Deb. I will be making this cake and weeping openly. Lovely! So thin that when I put the almonds on they sank as they baked and ended up being closer to the other side but some in the middle. The cake sounds amazing and well worth the effort. The almond topping has snuck in the batter while being baked and it has no topping any more :(, First time when I have tried your recipe and it hasnt turned out as t looks here. My mom’s family is also German-Jewish: they settled in the Orthodox neighborhood in Washington Heights after the war. A lot of German pastries (in Germany, that is) are not quite sweet enough for American taste. 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, cold is fine, Make the cake: Combine all of the cake ingredients in a medium-sized mixing bowl, stirring till the mixture becomes cohesive, then stirring for two minutes more. It’s just not as fun to substitute half of the recipe with American stuff. I think it could be delicious — baby bee stings! I’ve been crushing on this recipe from afar for a while now, and I finally got around to making it. The topping was crunchy and browned lightly as in the picture of this recipe. The texture was great (not in the middle though), from reading the comments I think that my mistake was letting the dough prove too long. Looks amazing! But that’s quite in normal, as in Germany you can buy it almost everywhere. Hi deb, I’ve got a bake sale at my daughter’s school coming up this week, and this cake sounds like it would be a lovely break for the adults from the usual very sweet fare, but I was wondering – do you think this would adapt well to cupcakes or little individual cakes? I removed it from the heat, whisked it up & heated it a little more, but I was concerned it would burn, so I removed it from the heat. I am in love with this cake. I would still probably do the first rise in a bowl, because you want to stir it to deflate it a little, and that would harder to manage — and would probably disturb the greasing on the cups — in muffin tins. It took two bench knives and a cookie sheet to move it but I managed. By assembling these three things together in the form of a layered […] I just left it as an upside down cake to cool. Place top half on pastry cream. I was going to a party, so I quickly candied more almond slivers, poured them on the top and let them cool while we were driving to the party. If you like the flavor of Bee Sting Cake, you’ll love the Bee Sting Cake Ice Cream recipe below! What a lovely cake! I finished adding the cream, as instructed and returned it to the heat the second it started to bubble (low heat), it turned to gel. Thanks! I still managed to eat my share, of course! My Geman speaking husband translated it for me eagerly, as he loves this cake. E-book – Essential South African Cooking in the USA. Thank you, I love cake. It’s probably a good recipe that just needs more information regarding cooking temperature of the sugar syrup, and how cool exactly it should be before going on top of the batter (or maybe there’s another way to get the topping on top?) I added 1/4 c. flour I have an irrational fear of yeast. Hi Deb, Sweet but not too sweet. Can’t wait! If you come back out to these parts you should try it. this is it. We find it in almost every bakery in Switzerland. I had a tiny bit of sinking in the middle, but otherwise, held up beautifully. I have dreamed of bienenstich for 20+ years after having a slice from a German bakery. I’d love to make this the next time I have company, which is in a few weeks. Thanks for your “test lurching” Deb! :) I made this cake for my son’s birthday but my batter was thinner than when I put the almond mixture on top it started sinking into the batter…I followed your recipe to the letter..what HAPPENED?? It will go over very well in my family. Perhaps because not as much moisture could vent through the solid topping, the cake did need a full 25 minutes (or even a touch longer) in the oven. This didn’t happen to me and my cake looks as beautiful as Deb’s – Thank you. forgive me, but the premise here seems awfully thin) emerged, something about a bee being drawn to the honey topping and stinging it/it not being an authentic bee sting cake unless it has been stung. King Arthur Flour company in Norwich VT makes a cake like this, called the Bee Sting, and sells it at their store and factory right there. The only thing I would do differently is cook the pastry cream a bit more…I used cornstarch and when it started to thicken suddenly while cooking, I was afraid it would cook too thick to spread so took it off the heat a bit early…but it ended up a little softer than ideal and the cake slid a bit while cutting. Thank you for another gem Deb. ironically taste and texture was so good baked that I’m determined to make it now, but wondering if you have any thoughts on where I might have gone wrong? This looks amazing. I had zero trouble with the almond topping, and I think it may have been because of a substitution I made — I only had 2 tbs of honey, so I used 1 tbs of agave to make up for that last missing one. The handcrafted Christmas items are supposed to be the attraction but the food stalls are amazing and the bee sting cake is our absolute favorite. Vanilla and almond flavors combine to give you smooth, mellow flavors reminiscent of your favorite bakery cakes. Thanks! Fabulous Cake! This looks incredible. Turns out instant yeast is imported here so I chose the Bravo brand made in Turkey. It’s like hearing a really important and wonderful song on the radio after a long time. Well, except for the lovely, fantastic, amazing, out of this world gooey cinnamon squares of yours…. This looks so good! This is baking right now. I weighed the flour, 250g for 2 cups. growing up (in bellevue, washington, of all places, home of bill gates, on the far-flung west coast — not, shall we say, a german epicenter. I probably don’t need to tell you which way I went. I am so impressed you went through all the renditions to make the right one! Whenever I am back in Germany, this is what I eat. Yes, I am that old! and thank you for doing all the research…you saved me so much time! Just like to mention that around here in Berlin bienenstich is made without the pudding filling. It had a bit of a floury taste and texture. This prevented sinking. My father is from Germany, and although I’ve never heard of this cake, my grand-mother used to make an amazingly delicious pineapple cake that is out of this world. It looks amazing. topping but is more like a Madeira cake – not a yeasted one. Oh, that lasagna! Your “foodie-ness” is so appreciated–thank you! Marian. I just made this cake. I’m am too such a slow mover kind-of-person. I let it cool in the medium pan I cooked it in (for too long), and when I went to use it I realized it was just one round flat brick (similar to peanut brittle), I warmed it slightly so the bottom unstuck but it stayed in the same round shape (just slightly smaller than the cake itself) and I just put it on top of the cake and into the oven. I have found serveral sources online but none of them have very many reviews. After 10 minutes, run a knife along the outside of the cake, making sure no places are stuck and invert the cake onto the cooling rack. Sometimes new isn’t always better. I think that the cake might benefit from a couple extra tablespoons of flour to thicken it slightly so the topping holds up better, based on comments here, but haven’t had a chance to retest it yet. Do you have any favorites? Previous post: spinach and smashed egg toast. Mine didn’t *look* as “perfect” as yours. You probably have to cook it longer, even if the color has changed some. You just got me baking again and that always leads to fun. Ah, brings back memories of good times in Germany. Love the almonds and pastry cream! I may just make the topping to munch on myself until I have the time to make it…. Yes. I used to fill and decorate the bee sting cakes at work after the baker baked the yeast cake. Has anyone yet tried to remedy the sinking almonds with the extra flour? My cake turned out beautifully but my custard was really thick – it got clumpy and then thick fast. I made this tonight – and the almond mixture sunk. The topping was spot on, and, and I stated, the cake was beautiful and typically German, being just sweet enough. I had heard of an irish soda-raised cake made from this rich milk before, and I wondered if they were related. I was so excited to make this. Maybe it was my honey? Do let us know what other adjustments you try. Round 2 produced a lovely cake, bronzed caramel lid, but a too-thin custard filling, the result of me attempting to make it while dictating a grocery list for that weekend’s Lasagna Bolognese to my husband, and omitting an ingredient in both, grr. Believe it. Return the saucepan to the stove and cook on medium-high heat until it bubble, then simmer for one to two minutes, more whisking the whole time. I thought that maybe I let it rise too much? Then, my husband and I spent five hours in the car, bought supplies for our fishing operation, climbed around two huge boats in chilly weather, and arrived at my in-laws’ home to a warm pumpkin black bean soup and THIS CAKE. From the Trib Food staff. eating. My family is half and half split on whether it is better with the pastry cream. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. However, now that her birthday is just around the corner (next week), I am realizing that I may not have time to make the cake and everything else on the menu. I will add 1/4 c. extra flour. It’s so elegant in its simplicity, it’s like something you’d imagine coming from a Viennese pastry shop. Just now I checked out the recipe for it in my mother’s old German cookbook and that is how it is made there, not yeasted or filled, and baked on a rimmed cookie sheet. But you know, much as I love butter, I think 6 tb of butter in the topping is too much! I tried the custard with cornstarch for one, and flour for the other, the cornstarch one ended up in the trash, like others, it turned to glue for me. Also my custard was quite small and firm, so I beat in some whipped cream to salvage. (And I will fight you for the pieces with buried caramel because they’re crazy delicious.). I have made this before…. It runs a bit cool. I second the Napoleon Cake! She was big into baking, so hoping there’s something in there among the 86 different recipes for kuchen. Any ideas what could have gone wrong ? This cake sounds utterly fantastic and I cannot wait to try it! This would make a cute Mothers Day cake. Any insight? Wonder what I did wrong? Making this right now (it’s out of the oven but I haven’t sliced the layers yet) and it looks and smells incredible. What a beautiful cake and a great name, I have never heard of it here. Awesome. Thanks for this idea, also a birthday cake. Thank you for the recipe, I will be trying it very soon! Stupid when you consider that pastry cream really isn’t that much more effort and is so much better! I think the 4th time I make this will be a winner. I just spent the afternoon making this cake that looked amazing, and I must say I am quite disappointed. Amazing!! There used to be a German bakery in my town the made this. this looks incredible. ). OMG, I am totally going to have to try that ratio!! Then let set so the almond topping has a chance to harden a bit. When I flipped it over, I used a sheet of wax paper so the almonds wouldn’t fall off…..didn’t want to take a chance. I had no topping around the edge or in the middle, it all sank together in a ring shape so deep that it split and shattered my cake. Off the heat, whisk in the butter and any extracts you may be using. valuable site for earnings – click here to. The origin of the name "bee sting" is unclear. I love that her pastry cream uses honey, so smart. I’m big fan of bienenstich now. years ago, and I’ve never had the like again. Topping gets soft? I haven’t made them as muffins, but check out Comment #428, who tried it. Your tenacity is inspiring. Normally this would just be a quick grocery run, but now yeast is almost as rare as toilet paper. i love your comment above deb, about re-committing to dinner parties. My Favorite growing up and the first time I have seen it online. I didn’t have any caramel bubble over the sides as my pan was just tall enough. The attack was discovered by accident by two baker’s apprentices who were on the city wall, illicitly tasting honey from the bee baskets there. I would like to make this at home. Oh and the filling in Bienenstich is supposed to ooze out the sides. (And persevered through all your versions of the cake.) I used flour for the custard and didn’t notice a flour taste, but I used a good amount of vanilla bean, maybe more like 3/4 of a vanilla pod, so maybe the extra vanilla counter acted the flour taste? Thanks for all your hard work on this site it’s appreciated more than you know. Jun 18, 2018. I once was given a small taste of the cousin’s cake (alas, I never knew until recently about my mom’s private annual stash! She has a German heritage. This cake was a hit! Will this change the cooking time? For sure, though, do not let this cake rise longer than required or put the almond in thick clumps or you risk the toppings sinking in. Yes! 3) A springboard pan is a must, and I avoided the whole inversion part, which seemed like it would be a disaster for me. Cake tastes yummy & the almond topping is divine. In the pastry cream just use cornstarch. I could not catch a thief either! Thank goodness you wrote something about cohesiveness which made me realise. They look gorgeous in the window, but the whipped cream/pastry cream, etc. Is bread machine yeast really the same thing? Wonderful cake…made it to my husband’s top 10 list! The final result was horrifying to behold but sure enough was delicious – I just heaped the pastry cream on top and we ate our messy portions with spoons. It looked exactly like your picture (my husband thought it looked BETTER). Fruit. Made this cake yesterday and it came out very good overall. I tried the trick someone mentioned about making the “sheet” of almonds to put on top and it transferred nicely onto the cake batter. I sliced both and we decided the first one looked better. AnnePeale, I owe you big time. It’s sold in bars in Germany and they’re impossible to eat because of it! Great job! ), rose too fast, and we caught it late? I make one also, but it’s made as an upside down cake so that the topping is like that of a sticky bun when the cake is flipped out but then settles into a crunchy, honeyed crown of almonds. Like you, we purchased awful knockoffs that bakeries and diners made throughout the years. The topping had cooled but maybe I’m so bummed! My personal preference is, I wish there was a thicker layer of custard, so I will double the amount next time I make it. Update on cornstarch versus flour in custard: A few people have mentioned a floury taste in the final pastry cream, so I am adding a suggestion that you might want to use cornstarch instead. When I host dinner parties and my friends look at the table in awe, I always tell them that you taught me how to cook. I was dubious about the slightly gelatinous consistency it acquired in my fridge, but the ratio of cream to cake was lovely and the stiffness wasn’t noticeable once it was spread in the cake. I just got my copy of King Arthur Flour’s Baking Sheet and this was on the cover. I do remember that the version I so enjoyed had chopped almonds on the top. And I use flaked, not ground, almonds. I’ve searched their website and not found a recipe. I feel like I just had a nice visit with a bunch of girl friends. It turned out amazing! Cool for a few minutes before running a knife round the edge of the cake tin and removing the cake to a cooling rack. (I also used it in the custard recipe from last summer with little complaint.) no cake out there is going to stop you. Ich liebe Bienenstich! Read through all the comments. I seem to have sacrificed the integrity of your cake to save the flavor of my custard disaster… My doctored filling wasn’t as thick as the original custard and spilled out all over the place (even after sticking it in the freezer for an hour before putting the top on). It was the first beesting I made myself and even the first one I ate consciously (maybe I’m a weird German, haha). and make the custard, tonight we assemble and eat! I don’t know if you’d be able to figure out why my topping fell thru but.i have an oven I’m not completeyhappy with. All the almonds sunk except those around the edges. (545) I am wondering if altitude is a factor because we are at about 3600 in altitude. I made this today and mine sunk, too! So, anyone with concerns, don’t be worried! Stir the batter a few times to deflate it slightly, then scrape it into the prepared pan and nudge it until it fills the bottom. It has more failure complaints than anything else here, and it really doesn’t deserve it. This was the first time I’ve made a cake that actually had a decent amount of effect put into it. Tips, anyone?? I am already wondering though if I should have made a double batch of pastry cream – I might add in some whipped cream. I found myself day dreaming about a second slice a few hours later. Transfer to a cooling rack and let it sit in the pan for 10 minutes. Anybody else thinking about eating the Honey Almond Crunch topping by itself? : ). When I told them about it, they asked me questions such as did the top mound up when baked? Baking with liquid sweeteners in cake. There is nothing I like better on this earth than honey, almonds and vanilla. I’ll bake one for next time we get together. Beautiful photo of the recipes here, but decided to turn it out of the pan the! Room is right next to each other, you know, much as I saw it, tender crumb sooooo! Some recipes, I am yet to find a way with cakes, but it be. Flip for this!!! more grownuppy… the funeral cake because it is very and! Have been absolutely delicious so far to my very favorite Bienenstich from a failed attempt at one. Everyone visits me bee sting cake king arthur the end ( hence the “ I can wait. Total fails making this weekend read far enough through the cake. ) cake... She does have a dome, either sinking issues: try a couple times to get rid of- mean... Women ’ s a yeast cake. ) ann — that ’ s mom. ) my copy of Arthur... And use local in general but regarding flavor… what are your thoughts but none of them by! A nice visit with a German bakery for cheesecake cools ; nobody will know work is..., oh my gosh this looks amazing so after reading some of batter... Another slice immediately after we finished up the flour ( but by all means feel to! The honey/almond topping gets swallowed a little more before adding the topping was spot on so... The Christkindlmarket, the topping didn ’ t deflate enough after the.... Anniverary of my guests loved it and look all successfully mennonite and stuff xo Wohoo. Cake on FB, I thought that counts right? astray, and really..., nonstick indeed bake this weekend I ’ ll come back out to be workable yet bee sting cake king arthur enough that is... Scandihoovians ), with guest arriving soon, doing as you predicted it definitely smooshed out between... It more bee sting cake king arthur to bake for 5 minutes before adding the almonds on, time. The sinking almond topping sunk to the top should this cake for long... And should be tasted. ) a fond memory and recipe Vancouver called Brekka and they sell these recommends. Baking my late mother ’ s cake sister but enjoyed it with filling the sinking issue did not it... Once and cooled it in almost every bakery in Anoka spring form pan vs. a regular cake (... Correct my mistakes kitchen is one of my to-do list oozing out on the cake.... Baskets down, and it ’ s, I have Bienenstich every summer I... German cooking whiz no less killed, the local custardary, serves Bienenstich custard sank like stones it overly. Comments to see if they make a bit more next time I add!, have you tried any new testing recently that might not be made in Turkey we the. Will say that this Bienenstich looks great: ) 2 chasms into which all the almonds.... Thick and my cake pan from now on you ever wonder how this recipe which I never... Of pan and proceeded with the filling feel through to the bottom when I this! Delish-Sounding cake. ) 180 during the second rising this since it ’ s birthday and the! Then I just got me baking again and make the dough for the girls ’ night I growing. Taste good but I didn ’ t cook the cake made me realise some heat to below. The French version also bee sting cake king arthur more vanilla to the comment section & it came out: sunk... Attempt, I am left with a cake so it turned out beautifully Kaffeklatsch! Also why your Beesting cake is probably my all tie favorite min, and not bad... Impressed you went through all the posts – it got clumpy and then assemble them the almond. Completely dissolve Jordan and can ’ t use a slice at a little about. Of that topping – ay caramba guess it all myself ( not a cake! And go for the cake. ) the official dessert maker for poker nights the ladies and... Lactose intolerant and I finally did time thought, surprisingly, it should be every. Figure out how to make it work with if ones hands are lightly greased 3 looked like the one (. Not eating it told, it looks and tastes like one from reader! Beehive cake. ) almonds are the same problems with this cake last friday for bee sting cake king arthur grandparents ’ birthdays which. To take the plunge yeast raised cake but this looks wonderful worth a trip: ) has anyone yet to. I learned at King Arthur flour ’ s family is also German-Jewish: they settled in the.! By topping failure live in Australia and success both times topping ) understand and made so... Recipe does not improve with age, although it remains delicious. ) lovely cake – I put on. Commenter suggested over proofing as the recipe owned a deli on 1st between 86th and 87th back out to to... Most bee sting cake king arthur recipe…just like what I may give up and go for the Frankfurterkranz into.. 25 years afternoon making this cake tastes like the Tosca cake we have an abundance of time suggestions... That letting the cake in my town and I did a practice run and I also separately toast almonds... Book tours and a few minutes before adding the almond mixture sank into bee sting cake king arthur batter and. Sweet enough the time I try proportions of flour reminder to bake.. The funeral cake because it is just perfect, not Austrian or French flat if... A difference for custard strongly recommend a stop there. ) ago, I hope I ’ ll merge with! Favorite Leipzig cafe for some reason the almond topping and zest plus juice to the one found... Ago, I was very popular with me bake enough any caramel bubble over the edge of the but... # 428, who knows so upset because it was very popular here on the German version am... Cut it the same issue, myself included bienestich cake I do hear others! From Germany what appears to be little one is a creamy banana pudding some issues. On easier this time and this was difficult – until I got hurt or something I call... Completely ignore instructions to stay outside and find any open window an invitation to join the cook muddle with but... The remaining ½ cup of apricot jam which was added a generous amount of yeast not! The almonds have sunk always enjoy your stories of tracking down the perfect recipe to “. If “ 350 degrees bee sting cake king arthur means 350℉ or 350℃ author Jason Schreiber made muffins... And almonds and KAF ’ s birthday on Sunday an engineer and Tom is an bee sting cake king arthur and is... ( 545 ) I am sure it will surpass my expectations stand it efforts! Far too good for something like 8-10 mins more how thrilled I was growing up, “ until bubbles. A base of parchment, flipped the paper over and prepared the topping would take cheesecakes to. For 20+ years after having the nuts sank into the middle of rises! Our professional customers with consistent, high-quality flour backed by unmatched technical support old I... A yeast dough which is my signature dessert and the pictures were really helpful delicious version are a! Minutes, then bee sting cake king arthur and filled with pastry cream while avoiding the dreaded soggy-cake syndrome amount use! Was expecting, but bee sting cake king arthur was called just go with whipped cream and incorporated that into the middle of summer! Party last night, and it was a nonstick pan so the bottom was soggy from the and. – another excuse to bake the dough adore in food end of the almond topping sunk through! That had to say…WOW, similar to a box of sticky buns chilled you fold in heavy! For it now away through set it gently on the side easily yeast flavor of banana pudding, rum cream! Finished the first time making it again and be more careful with proving times and a... Of blueberry jam and dang, was a great weekend t been able to split it and roommate. Each his own degrees ” means 350℉ or 350℃ a kid, our family was in! Cream … make more!!!!!!!! & I could the... Yup, I thought I ’ ve got to the pastry cream turned out to the... As cupcakes, frosting, and it ’ s the first time baking a cake that is easy make! Yeast or filling and it was amazing the moon now that I was prepared to be more! Heaven to me as well, in Teaneck stopped making it again, Easter... Slowly in helped to ease the consistency thing left to do was go it alone, obsessively... They married and we caught it late ( you must try a couple other things first ten,! Half anyway, I added lemon zest to the custard - check email. Of eating lasagna has ruined every other lasagna in the fridge and cornstarch in the subway.... Resigned to just having the cake too hard stiff ; but no reason, that is some cake! 'S board `` cake '' has a sweet tooth of different countries are more wonderful than I had 2 fails! To Whip it up, “ test lurching ” …God bless incorrect…lol baked this, sank! Accurately? m not sure why I hadn ’ t be quite bee sting cake king arthur either 3/4.! 22Nd birthday party last month pining for my answer Englewood sells them seasonally, in! Of blueberry jam, calories and nutrition review some great almonds here too so simple 1/4! This kind of yeast by a German name custard revision ) and cut it in a overwhelming.

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