– Used construction machinery from Japan

Kyushu Overseas (KOS), the subsidiary of SEALS group would like to introduce you to used machinery sales KOS offer you a various brand and type of used construction equipment SEALS Thai Inter is responsible for taking care of customer in South East Asia Region Should you look for some used construction machinery, kindly let us know

KOS Inventory List

# Buy from Location Make Model Serial Year Hour Price on Big Lemon Mini Price @ site Photo
1 CAT Kyushu Fukuoka CAT 311DRR AKW01673 2013 2,695 Sold Out Sold Out N/A
2 CAT Kyushu Kumamoto CAT 311FLRR JFT00132 2014 3,523 Sold Out Sold Out N/A
3 CAT Kyushu Fukuoka CAT 312F GC FKE00308 2016 4,734 Sold Out Sold Out N/A

* Price(JPY) : Where is, As is conditione
* Duty tax not included